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East Coast Breeders

Phone E-mail
Deborah Alexander
Palmer, MA
e-mailed on june 5th, inquiring about puppies, haven't heard back.

Fran Burnham
Cohasset, MA

Joyce Crommett
Westborough, MA
Talked to Joyce 6/27 and she did not have any available cavaliers, i e-mailed back and told Joyce to contact me in future if she has any or any other advice. her pups are 2500.suggested that I contact:
Mary Warme, castlemainecavs@aol.com
Sent Mary an email on 6/28 about cavaliers.

Joan A Gibson
Amherst, MA
sent an email on 6/28 inquiring about puppies
set up a meeting for 7/27. Joan recommended getting puppy day care.

Liz Keane
Bradford, MA
sent email on 6.28 inquiring about puppies
doesn't have pups, but is forwarding my email to club members who do.

Kathy & Ted Davidovich
Westfield, MA

Called and left message. no return?

Karen Galipeault
Leominster, MA

Email: kavalor@comcast.net
Phone: 978-660-8384
Spoke did not have pups at the moment.(Talked for awhile on the phone.) e-mailed back and forth.
sent e-mail on 6/28 requesting a visit
We set up a meeting for Monday July 12th, 2009. (Call in morning)
met with Karen- pupp would be $500 deposit 4 weeks prior, rest paid on pick up. E-mailed 7/20 to get on waiting list.

Jeanne Hinckley
Dracut, MA

Email: vineyardcavaliers@comcast.net
Phone: 978 458-9607
Spoke with Jean- does not have any blenheim pups. *Emailed her on 6/27 and said would still be interested if pupps were almost a year old.
she said thanks, and will let me know about her girls.

Robbi Jones
bucks county, PA
Rutherford Cavaliers
(267) 491-5100H, (609) 915-5297C, Rutherford Website, Email
Emailed 4/11- she has cavaliers, in 3,000-3500

C. Anne Eckersley

Chadwick Cavaliers
e-mailed 10/09, no cavaliers, but maybe at beginning of next year.... co-owned with Caryna Baker-Fox in VA 703-505-1622 or email her at eagleheads@msn.com
emailed c.anne eckersley on 6/28 about if she had any pupps available.
emailed caryna about available pups. 6/29, she said she would email me back when she knew more about the pups!! Caryna does have pupps, asked to e-mail her back in August. Virginia.

Eileen Breouck

Triple Crown Cavaliers
Eileen contacted me (liz keane sent) she has two blens in VT, sired by her dog. I emailed her back on 6/28
lyanne has two puppies, sired by her male "jitterbug" in vermont, suggested I call Lyanne @ 802-732-8074
Lyanne emailed me 6.29 and sent pictures, has a male cav available 14 weeks old. I e-mailed her back with questions. told her I'm looking for a breeder closer.

Rehoboth, MA
royal flush cavaliers
Narragansett, RI and Rehoboth, MA
6 dogs, co own 2 males 1.5/5
Vet for reference, 508-336-4430 dr. gomaa.
pet/show contracts
litters 3-4 times per year, stud service, 8-9 litters a year total
confirm preg, stud services, application
$100 deposit, 5 year health guarantee, mvd (4)
breeding, doing approved stud service and rescue for 18 years

attleboro, MA
pups unlimited
left message 7/18
pet store - no health testing


Occasional litters.
AKC & CKCSC-registered puppies to good homes.
Joan Geoghegan
Concord, MA

http://www.k9topperformance.com/index.html Reading

DOGGIE DAYCARE: Is a great experience for your dog to get exercise and socialization with other dogs in a professionally controlled environment. $25.00 per day, if you come more than once a week 20.00 per day.
K-9 CAMP: Unlike doggie daycare when you drop your dog off in the morning, your dog will be trained and socialized with other dogs all throughout the day. We will work on the basic commands that you are working on in obedience, as well as walking on the leash. We spend a lot of time working on teaching them the proper manners needed for socialization as well as in any situation. K-9 Camp is $30.00 a day.
W F 7-6
MTR 8-6
before 11 or after 2

http://www.petcompanionsinc.com/OurServices.html Reading (bed and biscuit)

6:30am to 8:30pm:

Each day

http://www.pawsclub.com/rates.html Stoneham

Daily Rate

Happy Tails, Wakefield???, 781-396-4348

Best Friends, Wakefield
15 Main St.

-november 97
late 1980s
40 centers, disney world.
20 point package, $380 ($19)
$23 full
$16 half 8-12, 1-2 afternoon session. - 5 p.m.
m-f 8-5, sat 9-2
drop off @7am
vaccinnes, rabi, disdemper, kennel cough
stool checked every 6 months
behind main st.
look around
minimum, spayed/neutered, 5 months old

day care, own room, indoor outdoor,
free playtime, $19 per day

- 8 weeks, puppy kindergarten
- training classes
series of shots


The Canine Recreation Center
162 Tremont St
Melrose, MA 02176
(10 minutes)

Effective November 1, 2008

Full Day (7am - 6:30pm) $26
Puppies (under 6 months old) $28
Half Day (up to or after 1:00) $15

Doggy Star Walking
Wakefield, MA
59 A Richardson St.
$10 pee break

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